Ruszya kampania wyborcza do wadz Samorzdu Uczniowskiego!

W poniedziaek 7 czerwca ruszya kampania wyborcza do nowych wadz Samorzdu Uczniowskiego i potrwa a do wtorku 15 czerwca. Wtedy odbd si wybory, w których udzia wezm wszyscy uczniowie naszej szkoy. Poznajmy kandydatów!

W wyborach startuje 8 osób - 4 dziewczyny i 4 chopców z klas czwartych i pitych.

Zanim oddamy gos na którego z nich, poznajmy ich bliej. Czytajmy plakaty, ulotki, wsuchujmy si w ich propozycje programowe. Dobra kampania wyborcza, aktywne dziaania s dla nas informacj, e z t osob nie bdziemy si nudzi. Wybierzmy kandydata, który bdzie naszym najlepszym reprezentantem, dobrym organizatorem i wietnym koleg.


1. Beatrycze Gozdek

2. Martyna Lieber

3. Wiktoria Zdrojewska

4. Kajetan Szendzielorz

5. Sawomir Nagelski

6. Nikola Szulik

7. Tomasz Dylich

8. Karol Lis

Kinga 2010-06-10 14:09
Martynko wygrasz wie w Ciebie :))
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Chciałbym wyrazić swoją doazprebatę pod adresem Komitetu Wyborczego Grażyny Staniszewskiej , Pana Pawła Bajora.Oczywiste jest , że w/w nie panują nad swoją kampania wyborczą Zaśmiecanie skrzynek pocztowych wyborczymi ulotkami reklamującymi i to wbrew MOJEMU wyraźnie oznakowanemu życzeniu: ŻADNYCH DRUKd3W BEZADRESOWYCH jest antyreklamą.Możecie być pewni , że mojego głosu nie otrzymacie i od teraz będę się uważnie przyglądał szczerości deklaracji i świadomości prawnej i ekologicznej kandydatf3w Z wyrazami niesmaku
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?Denise Richards: The actress and reality TV star was pretty in pink along with her Lv Denim bag, combining go-anywhere sportiness and soft femininity It can be a simple pocket that has a closure throughout the top to carry coins Women conversely are often more secure in cultural circumstances typically and so are more comfortable referring to their feelingsIf you are considering anything functional, browse the L . a . Regale moncler jackets sito ufficiale Mirror Miniaudiere, made out of reflect-like material so you can actually check your individual reflection StLouis VuittonYour authentic louis vuitton handbags on saleKarl-Heinz Rummenigge has repeatedly anxious, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund the equalization of opportunities, but checking out the Bayern in the rankings, 3 items, trailed by truth, Bayern chairman also received his staff Nie Bahan, Bayern people versus the foe to bear the greater the worries, simply because we're now small volumes of powering, losing get rid of 4 seasons methods to us, but i will never be worried of failing, the principal leg of your contest, we made ??some faults Boateng end the faults

Louis VuittonNowadays, it has become some sort of fashion to keep pets, especially pet dogs It offers the wide ranging to make additional millionaires in comparison to almost every other market, it's critical to realize that a wonderful unit combined with pay plan will likely not money-back guarantee financial success00 which enable it to increase to more than $40005% copperYour converter just isn't directed at change that noise that you will undertake rendering it unpleasant rrnstead of fulfilling

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handbags: chanel, coach, chloe, dior, Louis Vuitton, fendi, gucci, prada, D&G, tory Burch, Dooney&Bourke, Hermes purse, leather wallets, handbags etc Because I actually do a whole lot activities, I had created to look for a sneaker that can match my frantic schedule Males's belts, leather is just about the frequent material Optiva Programs enables LVMH P management to supervise all the service process, making an effort to eliminate duplication of entry make certain real-time status updates The Louis Vuitton house has designed a large number of fine purses that are fitted with enjoyed worldwide demand above the decades:?The classic monogram canvas design skillfully captures the essence of the brand, adorned while using the timeless Louis Vuitton monogram logo?The Damier Canvas lines are one other popular choice, exuding quiet sophistication featuring a burgundy and beige checkerboard pattern?To the unique drawstring Noe bag, the black and beige monogrammed canvas lends an existing distinction?For something more contemporary, the patent calfskin monogram Vernis handbags add modernity on your collection?Patent calfskin lends a bold style to the monogram Vernis handbagsThere no denying the appeal of an oldtime Lv purse, but also for individuals who need modern alternative, a Lv backpack provides for a fun, stylish option

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Craftsmanship Much care adopts design for every Repetto shoe93 Louis Vuitton opened the first suitcase shop and that is named after his name in Paris In 1854 The midsole including the trunk and skeleton of a footwear There are various locations to discover superior herbal tea presently

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Al Wahda Express has a dynamic, enthusiastic team of more than 100 people, who work in an environment that encourages responsiveness, learning, innovation and success. AWE's strong sense of obligation to both our own employees and customers is reflected in the importance we place on personal and career development and providing exceptional return on investment to our valued advertisers.

Al Wahda Express is a [url= vans-shoes.html]cheap vans[/url] proud member of the YPA.
As publishers for Etisalat Telecommunications Corporation christian Louboutin Glitter since 1986, it continued to be leaders in innovation and this is reflected in both the christian Louboutin Glitter quality and presentation of the telephone directories. There are 12 editions of the White and Yellow Pages with a total print of over 1.2 million copies. Free copies are available through Etisalat Business & Service Centers. They also deliver [url= 75-off-cheap-white-converse-white-vans-w hite-toms-shoes-online-sale.html]white converse[/url] door-to-door, targeting specific residential areas and businesses to receive a complementary copy. This ensures the right decision makers and quality searchers are using the directory. Yellow Pages directories are offered within UAE for free.

Every one can avail a free copy at Etisalat Business Centre or Al Wahda Express Office. They print city-wise directories for each city like Dubai, Abu [url= toms-shoes.html]cheap toms[/url] Dhabi & Northern Emirates. They name them as Yellow Pages Dubai, Yellow Pages Abu Dhabi, Yellow Pages NE & White Pages.

You can also call the number 800 YELLOW to order Yellow Pages Telephone Directory. Al-Wahda also provides door-door distribution if you can order the directory online. One can even go physically & collect these directories to any of the offices listed in the above link. They have the locations in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.

For more information about these FREE Etisalat Directories, you can get information from the website:

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assomaskisy 2013-09-09 20:52
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